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The cycling programs are for cyclists of various disciplines, recreational to competitive, looking to improve cycling fitness and/or competitive abilities.

The programs are based on some basic principles:

  • Communication between athlete and coach is vital to effective training and performance.
  • Everyone is deserving of individualized attention despite their ability level or overall magnitude of goals.
  • Cycling performance can be improved through areas of training off the bike.



Coaching: Custom, individualized programs with or without in-person meetings. No copied plans and never a missed day. Built from education and experience.
Group track training: Thoughtfully structured, technical individual or group workouts in a supportive setting on the velodrome.
Motorpacing: Well-planned workouts enhanced by an advanced training technique.
Personal sessions: One-on-one or small group sessions receiving the most detailed evaluation and feedback.
Consultations: Opportunity for sit-down, detailed discussion, planning, presentation, and evaluation.

Upcoming Group Track Training

"Kim gave us techniques to utilize before and during the race, everything from how to properly warm up before an event, to cornering safely and efficiently, attacking, working together as a team to tire the other racers, and so much more.  We can't wait to do it again."

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