Body Composition Assessment


Body composition assessment is available as a service to those interested in learning the adipose tissue (fat) and lean body mass make up of the body.  This assessment can be used to gain the information needed to make informed decisions about modifying body fat/weight.  The assessment can be combined with nutritional analysis to reach goals of body fat/weight changes.

The body composition assessment is done in person using the skinfold technique  The skinfold technique is an estimation method in which the trained coach takes measurements of folds in the skin at various locations on the body and calculates percent body fat based on these measurements and characteristics of the individual.  The skinfold method is the best estimation of body fat percent next to underwater weighing which is not easy to access, can be highly expensive, and is time consuming and physically demanding of the individual.


The advantages of the skinfold technique include:

  • Acting as a good estimation of body fat percent
  • Taking only a few minutes to complete
  • Requiring no physical demand or discomfort to the individual
  • Being a modest method


$30/body composition assessment

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"With an unconventional lifestyle that includes sometimes demanding physical labor, I got lucky to find a coach who has a deep understanding of the physiology of training and racing.  I needed someone who could adapt to unusual and changing situations - not someone who would just give me a monthly plan.

Kim is astoundingly quick, accurate and thoughtful in responding to my communications.  So much so that I sometimes feel like I am her only athlete.  Also, since Kim has been a top-level athlete, I know that I am not throwing anything at her that she has not been through herself - probably to a much higher degree.

I knew before masters nationals that I was as prepared as possible for my race.  And when I got my silver medal, I felt like it was 90% Kim's."

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