Strength & Conditioning Coaching

The main strength and conditioning programs feature unlimited communication between athlete and coach. Ease of communication between athlete and coach is important to ensure the flow of feedback in both directions:

  • athlete to coach for improved understanding of responses to training for the design of the most effective program
  • from coach to athlete for improved understanding of training and competition directives and principles.

Unlimited communication is included as a standard because everyone is deserving of access to his or her coach no matter how advanced an athlete is or training may be.


Strength & Conditioning Program Remote Strength & Conditioning Program Monthly Strength & Conditioning Program
Ideal for: Local athletes Remotely-based athletes Only the most experienced athlete
Cost $145 monthly + $55 start-up $115 monthly + $55 start-up $55 monthly + $55 start-up
Student-athlete discount 20% monthly 20% monthly None
Communication Unlimited via phone, email, video, or in person Unlimited via phone, email, or video One phone/video call or email exchange
Program updates As necessary As necessary Up to 2 times
Heart rate & activity-specific marker analysis As necessary As necessary 1 time
Technical guidance As necessary, with video analysis As necessary 1 time
Personal sessions Yes At discount Full price
Physiological testing Recommendations No No
Partner company discounts Yes Yes Yes
Programs are shared via a provided account.
At least a heart rate monitor is recommended but is not a requirement.
Personal sessions and event coaching are available at the convenience of the coach.

Upcoming Group Track Training

"Kim gave us techniques to utilize before and during the race, everything from how to properly warm up before an event, to cornering safely and efficiently, attacking, working together as a team to tire the other racers, and so much more.  We can't wait to do it again."

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