Motorpacing executes well-planned workouts utilizing the advanced technique of riding behind a motorcycle.  Motorpacing is for competitive cyclists in or traveling to the Allentown, PA area.  These specific sessions could be beneficial if you would like to:

  • increase your cadence and/or speed
  • simulate race scenarios
  • have a training partner or motivator


$45/hr. as an individual or to be split among riders

Please book as an individual using the contact form or book a “motorpacing session” on the group track training page to share specific track time with other riders.

Upcoming Group Track Training

"With an unconventional lifestyle that includes sometimes demanding physical labor, I got lucky to find a coach who has a deep understanding of the physiology of training and racing.  I needed someone who could adapt to unusual and changing situations - not someone who would just give me a monthly plan.

Kim is astoundingly quick, accurate and thoughtful in responding to my communications.  So much so that I sometimes feel like I am her only athlete.  Also, since Kim has been a top-level athlete, I know that I am not throwing anything at her that she has not been through herself - probably to a much higher degree.

I knew before masters nationals that I was as prepared as possible for my race.  And when I got my silver medal, I felt like it was 90% Kim's."

masters national championship medalist

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