Motorpacing executes well-planned workouts utilizing the advanced technique of riding behind a motorcycle.  Motorpacing is for competitive cyclists in or traveling to the Allentown, PA area.  These specific sessions could be beneficial if you would like to:

  • increase your cadence and/or speed
  • simulate race scenarios
  • have a training partner or motivator


$45/hr. as an individual or to be split among riders

Please book as an individual using the contact form or book a “motorpacing session” on the group track training page to share specific track time with other riders.

Upcoming Group Track Training

"Kim’s nutritional analysis and advice helped my son learn how to take better care of his nutrition before, during and after practice as well as during his swim meets.  Her advice played a part in helping him achieve personal bests at the recent state championship meet as well as at the sectional/east coast regional swimming meet."

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