Consultations are a way of accessing knowledge, input, or advice on a variety of exercise/sport, nutrition, or related topics in a sit-down setting.  Consultations may be held in person, via phone or video call, or over an exchange of email.


Consultations can take a variety of forms including:

  • One-on-one or group discussion/conference call
  • Group presentation
  • Group seminar/webinar


$65/hour consultations

w/minimum for presentations/seminars/webinars

Upcoming Group Track Training

  • No events

"Prior to working with Kim I worked with numerous other coaches.  Kim is by far and away the best coach I have worked with.  What you might ask are things that make working with Kim special?

  • Kim draws on both her education and personal experience from years of incredible success at the international level as a competitor to draft specific training plans for the events that you choose as your priorities.
  • Kim is also able to help with the technical aspects as well as points to focus on during competition in order to achieve your personal best.
  • Kim has worked with experts in various aspects of high-level sports performance and shares all that she has learned from her work with these experts.  She also takes the time to keep up with new research in exercise science and nutrition.
  • Kim is not a coach who gives meaningless and undeserved positive feedback.  I really appreciate that Kim’s feedback is authentic, genuine and constructive.
  • Kim is completely reliable.  She has never failed to provide me with my monthly training plan and answers any questions I have in a timely manner."


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