Consultations are a way of accessing knowledge, input, or advice on a variety of exercise/sport, nutrition, or related topics in a sit-down setting.  Consultations may be held in person, via phone or video call, or over an exchange of email.


Consultations can take a variety of forms including:

  • One-on-one or group discussion/conference call
  • Group presentation
  • Group seminar/webinar


$55/hour consultations

w/minimum for presentations/seminars/webinars

Upcoming Group Track Training

"Seventeen years after I retired from the sport, I agreed to take on a challenge.  And, I knew I needed a whip to keep me motivated.  Kim was just that.  Kim is honest, reliable and disciplined, and she expects the same from the people she coaches.  I loved working with her."

former professional cyclist and multi-time elite national champion

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