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TREXLERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, World Cycling Champion Kimberly Geist at Valley Preferred Cycling Center (Brian Branch Price)

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Kim Geist loves her job.  LOVES it.  Helping athletes reach their goals is what she has always wanted to do.  And, she has always wanted to do it the right way – based on knowledge gained through education as well as that gained through experience as a competitive athlete.  Kim knows the tricks of the trade having “been there, done that” – she has competed at the highest level of athletics.  But, she also knows the reasons why the tricks work – she has the knowledge based in education to explain the how’s of physiology in training, nutrition, and the like in her full-time job.

Education and Certifications:

  • M.S. Applied Nutrition, specializing in nutrition and fitness – Northeastern University
  • B.S. Sport and Exercise Science, minors in sport management and in psychology – DeSales University
  • Level 2 Coach *with distinction – USA Cycling Coaching Association
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified – American Red Cross

Athletic Experience:

  • Elite, international-level competitive cycling including being a World and Pan American Champion, and Olympic long-team member (visit www.kimgeist.com for more)
  • Strength and conditioning training for sport
  • Physiological training strategies – power training since 2006, sports nutrition, weight loss, recovery, etc.
  • Psychological training strategies – focus, imagery, etc.
  • Sports management strategies – marketing, sponsorship, etc.

Kim, in addition to regularly reading and analyzing peer-reviewed articles, consults with other professionals in various related fields and takes part in continuing education and experience-building activities outside of her direct coaching in order to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing field.

Kim has direct contacts with PhDs, authors, medical doctors, physical therapists, and other international-level coaches, exercise physiologists, dieticians, and sports psychologists.  She regularly takes part in seminars & webinars as an attendee and presenter.


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Upcoming Group Track Training

"I came to Kim after a series of disappointing coaching and racing experiences.  I told her I wanted to see how far I could go as an athlete, but I didn't like training in a vacuum and doing mindless efforts with no idea as to why they were necessary.  I also told her my time was limited.  Around all those demands she made magic.  She gave me efficient, detailed workouts coupled with explanations for why they were important.  I had goals, sure, but Kim had vision, and she knew I was capable of way more than I knew.  And she got that out of me with smart, patient coaching.  She uncovered strengths I didn't know I had.  And I accomplished more than I ever would have imagined. She's a wizard."

2x masters national champion

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